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Noli Yoga

Nóli Yoga was founded in 2014 seeking to create unique yoga + activewear apparel that combines style and performance.  We produce versatile and functional products that cater to our customers giving them a solid balance between fashionable and comfortable activewear.

With offices in NYC and a manufacturing in Los Angeles and Miami, Nóli has fused unique and innovative ideas with superior manufacturing to produce high quality product that is designed to perform at the highest levels and provide the most flattering fit. Our collections are inspired by powerful and active women with exceptional style.

Susie Creativa

Designed with love <3

Soulie Yoga


What you'll find in our products:
- PRIDE - True craftsmanship that comes from centuries of tradition, dignified work and a deep pride in the product
- LOVE - Unique characteristics in each piece, small trinkets of uniqueness that act as each artisans' signature
- INTENTION - A deep beauty that can only come from an artist's undivided attention to creating something that echoes the unique song of their soul and purpose
- DIGNITY - Artisan set pricing ensures that artisans are paid what they believe is a fair wage for their work, even if it is above the market rate with absolutely no haggling or negotiation. 

What you'll NEVER find in our products:
- Forced labor
- Unsafe working conditions (most of our artisans work out of their own homes)
- Unethical labor practices
- The pressure to create more for less money